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Integrative Learning Center of Mid America

We bring together the best of traditional and non-traditional life approaches through our centers of focus. We invite you to visit one or more areas below and discover how you can emerge, connect and serve with us.

Throughout this site, you will find workshops and applications of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' Feldenkrais Method®, Ruthy Alon's Bones for Life®, Ken Wilber's integral model, our own unique Integral Human Gait Theory™, and Michael Krugman's Sounder Sleep®. Current projects include help for veterans with sleep disorders, teachers needing creative solutions in the classroom, and improvement in bone health and walking for all.

Service and Outreach

Integrative Learning Center seeks to bring together the best of traditional and nontraditional life approaches. We know there are good resources within traditional practices such as medicine, spirituality, ecology, education and… more>

Somatic Education

The field of somatic education took hold in the early-to-mid 1900s with the blossoming of the Feldenkrais Method®, Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Hanna Somatics and much more. The field of somatics has wide applications and benefits. Currently, we offer… more>

somatic education


As an integral organization, we are committed to understanding how the programs we offer benefit the world. We are currently compiling data on a pilot study performed with seniors at the City of… more>