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Integral Human Gait™

At first glance, you might be thinking: A new theory on walking? Really? What is there that isn't already known?


A review of current textbooks and research reveals volumes on gait characteristics, including speed, step width and length, cadence, phases, etc. The kinematics of gait has been thoroughly reported. Gait has been studied in respect to energy expenditure and storage, fall risk, and pathology/abnormalities. Gait impact on bone and aerobic health is well known. In short, we already have a set of bio-mechanical principles and medical/psychosocial models that guide healthcare professionals down the path of “given this set of problems, then do this.”


So why should people be interested in Integral Human Gait™ Theory? Because just maybe...there is more to gait than we realize.


What if a new perspective on gait offers solutions for chronic pain syndromes like tendonitis and bursitis of the extremities, muscle and tendon tears, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, failed surgeries, and depression? What if, as we age, we didn’t have to suffer the usual degeneration of walking? What if we didn’t have to waste as much energy on the fear of falling? What if we could experience more joy? What if we could discover, experience, and increase our awareness of parts of ourselves that we didn’t even know we didn’t know?


Integral Human Gait™ Theory has two legs. One is a comprehensive, cognitive gait map. The other is the navigational means needed to use this map. Somatic learning modalities like the Feldenkrais Method® and Bones For Life® open the brain for new learning and cultivate an awareness of the parts in relationship to the whole. Integral Human Gait Theory™ is the vehicle that puts it all together, combining the map and the means with the parts and the whole. It provides direct access to the living, dynamic map inside each of us that guides all of human function.